Sanitize Spray 3 Pack

– Effective

Meets CDC guidelines for alcohol content)

– Convenient

fits in purse or pocket

– Take with you anywhere

Plane, car, store


Healthy Immune Pack

– Key immune-boosting nutrients in the convenience of sprays

– Great tasting and easy to use

– 25% Discount when you buy
all three together

– 30-Day supply in each tube!

Vitamins in Spray

• Highly effective micro-spray technology
• Simple application
• Especially handy


The active ingredients in our fine mist sprays are fully dissolved into the spray solution. This means important vitamins and minerals do not need to be broken down once swallowed, and are immediately available for use by the body.


We have taken great care to create excellence. Our formulas are free of: artificial flavors, artificial colors, sugar, starch, wheat, soy, gluten, eggs, salt and dairy. Our sprays contain natural fruit or mint flavors and are suitable for vegetarians.



Our sprays easily fit in a purse, pocket, or briefcase, and are perfect for travel.


Each oral spray gives a precise, metered dose of product with every pump.


Every tube contains a 30-day supply when used as suggested (8 sprays per day).


Very few of us enjoy swallowing pills, and many are not physically able to. Our oral spray delivery system is a convenient, pleasant-tasting alternative.


SOMNA is an oral spray dietary supplement designed as a natural support for sleep. SOMNA contains herbal extracts as well as nutrients known to help promote rest and sleep.

Millions of people may have trouble sleeping tonight. They won’t be able to fall asleep, won’t be able to obtain restful sleep, or will wake up feeling sleep-deprived. Stress can often be the primary factor in sleep issues, followed by illness, inactivity, or a poor sleep environment.

This can lead to feelings of irritability, moodiness, lack of concentration and inability to focus. SOMNA SLEEP spray is a powerful blend of vitamins and herbal extracts that are specially formulated to address quality of sleep, allowing the body and mind time to rest and rejuvenate.

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