Our founder, Dr. Clive Spray (yes, that’s his real name), has dedicated his life to developing several formulas to help improve the quality of other people’s health.

Clive Spray

Clive Spray


Clive Spray has walked an interesting path in arriving at his present passion for nutrition, natural supplementation, and the research necessary to accomplish both.

It started in Oxford, England where his father, a Ph.D. chemist, was a pioneer in researching Vitamin B12, among other nutrients, at Oxford University. At this time, Clive also became interested in what would be a lifelong passion for the natural world–both plants and animals.

He received his undergraduate and Ph.D. degrees in Chemistry in the UK, during which time he published his thesis on the analgesic properties of plant-derived natural products. (He received a grant for this research from a pharmaceutical company, who went on to patent some of the discoveries made by Dr. Spray). It was in his post-doctoral studies that his interests were turned more and more toward plant biology, leading to 15 years of research at UCLA, working at the forefront of the mapping of plant genomes, and publishing 27 papers on the subject.

From this experience, he knew that he needed to put his knowledge to use in the world of nutrition. It had become clear to him that our foods, often grown in depleted soils, or contaminated with chemicals, were no longer providing all the nutrition we require, so Dr. Spray began work on an innovative delivery system for nutritional supplements.

So, based on science and passion, he has arrived as founder, co-owner and lead chemist of Spray Labs, LLC, where he can put his varied experiences to work in producing high quality, scientifically-based oral spray nutritional supplements.

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