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Contains 100% of the recommended daily value (DV) of vitamins B1 (Thiamin), B5 (Pantothenic acid), B6, and B9 (Folate), 125% DV of vitamin D3, 200% DV of vitamin B12, 50% DV of B3 (Niacin) and 20% DV of vitamin C. Also included is a proprietary blend of trace minerals designed to complement the activity of these vitamins.

  • Convenient, portable, one-month supply
  • Great tasting fruit flavors (no artificial flavors or colors)
  • Fast-acting
  • Vegetarian, non-GMO, free of common allergens
  • 100% Daily Value Vitamin B12 and D3
  • Ideal for maintaining optimal health

Benefits of Dr. Spray’s® Multi-Vitamin


  • We have taken great care to create excellence. Our formulas are free of: artificial flavors, artificial colors, sugar, starch, wheat, soy, gluten, eggs, salt and dairy. Our lab tested sprays contain natural fruit or mint flavors and are suitable for vegetarians.


  • Every tamper proof tube contains a 30-day supply (when used as suggested of 8 sprays per day) that can easily fit in a purse, pocket, or briefcase, and are perfect for travel!


  • Each oral spray gives a precise, metered dose of the product with every pump.


  • Our spray supports immune health for both women and men. Maintain your optimum health with Dr. Spray's ® great tasting Multivitamin in a sweet, tangy blend of orange, vanilla and peppermint!

Dr. Spray’s® Natural Ingredients

Vitamin C

Vitamin D

Vitamin E

Non-GMO / Gluten Free / Soy Free
Store upright in a cool, dry place.

What Our Customers Say


Multivitamin/mineral supplements: Rationale and safety


Suggested Adult Use: Shake gently, spray directly into mouth and swallow.

8 sprays each day, or as recommended by a nutritionally-informed physician.

Non-GMO / Gluten Free / Soy Free
Store upright in a cool, dry place.

Benefits of MULTI-VITAMIN Spray

What Our Customers Say...

Frequently Asked Questions

We believe that using oral spray nutritional supplements is simply
superior to taking pills or capsules. Very few of us enjoy swallowing
pills, and many are not physically able to. The oral spray delivery
system is a convenient, pleasant-tasting alternative.

Each tube (vial) contains a one-month (30 day) supply when used as suggested (8 sprays per day).

EachDr. Spray’s® product is an oral spray nutritional supplement. To use the product:

1. Gently shake the tube.

2. Spray into the mouth preferably onto the inside of the cheeks, hold in the mouth and then swallow.

3. Spray a total of 8 sprays per day to receive the recommended dose as indicated on the label.

Additional Research & Data

Multivitamin/mineral supplements: Rationale and safety

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