My Health Guide: Iron

My Health Guide: Iron

Iron plays a part in many critical bodily functions. Hemoglobin, a protein required to transport oxygen in the blood, also depends on iron. Given this, taking an iron supplement is a must.

In addition, a lack of iron can cause several major health issues like anemia. Research shows that half of the 10 million Americans with low iron levels have iron deficiency anemia.

If you want to avoid these problems, this post outlines the benefits of taking an iron supplement every day.

What Does An Iron Supplement Do? 5 Must-KNow Benefits 

Here are the top benefits of taking an iron supplement regularly:


  1. An iron supplement prevents anemia. 

Iron deficiency is the most frequent cause of anemia. When hemoglobin (a protein found in red blood cells) levels fall below normal levels due to iron deficiency, anemia occurs.

If iron deficiency is not treated, it can result in arrhythmias, a cardiac murmur, an enlarged heart, and heart failure. Additionally, fibromyalgia risk increases because of iron deficiency.

Thankfully, iron supplements or using an iron spray can raise iron levels. A study shows that taking an iron supplement daily lowers the prevalence of anemia and low iron levels.


  1. An iron supplement helps with fatigue. 

Even those who don’t suffer from anemia but have low iron levels can experience fatigue.

This is more prevalent in women who still have their menstruation. Fortunately, research shows that menstruating women who took an iron supplement daily experienced less fatigue.


  1. An iron supplement helps improve cognition.

Iron deficiency also lowers cognitive function. In particular, iron deficiency impacts attention and concentration instantly.

According to a study, concentration and cognitive performance can be enhanced by raising iron levels to a healthy range. Taking iron supplements or using iron sprays can do this.


  1. An iron supplement enhances athletic performance. 

Myoglobin, the protein that delivers oxygen to the muscles, is made with the help of iron. However, many athletes don't get enough iron from their diets to maintain performance. As a result, they feel weak and restless.

In one study, daily iron supplementation enhanced exercise performance. Additionally, research shows that taking an iron supplement daily enhances both maximum and submaximal exercise performance in reproductive-age females.


  1. An iron supplement helps with restless leg syndrome. 


People with restless leg syndrome experience an irrepressible urge to move their legs. This typically happens at night and keeps people from sleeping.

An iron supplement or iron spray can help. A systematic review shows that the International Restless Leg Syndrome score (IRLSS) of subjects improved four weeks after they took iron supplements.



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