New Study: Vitamin D and Vitamin K Wards Off Dementia and May Lengthen Life

New Study: Vitamin D and Vitamin K Wards Off Dementia and May Lengthen Life

Did you know? A combination of vitamin D and K can help you ward off dementia and may lower the risk of death in older adults.

According to a new study, there is a direct link between vitamin D deficiency and cognitive decline. Another study also revealed that older adults with low levels of vitamin K are more likely to pass away within 13 years.

To further explain everything, this post summarizes the results of the said studies.


Vitamin D and Dementia

Dementia is one of the biggest causes of dependency and disability among the elderly worldwide. It affects behavior and thinking patterns as people age. As of writing, more than 55 million people all over the world suffer from dementia. The number will likely triple to over 150 million by 2050.

The world's first study reveals that rates of dementia can drop by nearly 20% if people with vitamin D deficiency take more supplements to raise their vitamin D levels.

In particular, a team of experts from the University of South Australia studied 514 people. They examined the effect of low levels of vitamin D and the people's risk of stroke and dementia.

They found out that vitamin D deficiency has a direct link to lower brain volumes. As a result, it is linked to both stroke and dementia.

 Further analysis showed that vitamin D deficiency is a castle factor of dementia. This means that low vitamin D levels directly contribute to dementia. Fortunately, this also means that increasing vitamin D intake can help prevent dementia.

Vitamin D is recognized for its many benefits, including brain health. But until this study, it had been difficult to pinpoint what would happen if we avoid vitamin D deficiency.


Vitamin K and Heart Health

As you may well know, vitamin K is found in a lot of common vegetables. Leafy greens like spinach, kale, and lettuce have high levels of vitamin K.

Popular belief also got it right— eating a lot of vegetables helps improve your heart health.

In fact, a study reveals that older people with low levels of vitamin K will likely pass away within 30 years compared to people of similar ages who have higher levels of vitamin K.

About 4,000 Americans aged 54 to 76 were studied for this research. The study also reveals that older people with the lowest levels of vitamin K in their blood have a 19% greater chance of dying in 13 years compared to those who have enough vitamin K intake.

In addition, vitamin K is linked to blood vessel health. This means that the vitamin has a lifespan-lengthening potential.

Just like when a rubber band loses its elasticities, arteries, and veins get calcified. As a result, blood pumps less efficiently. This causes many complications, including vascular diseases.

Vitamin K increases calcium removal in the blood vessels. It, therefore, plays a crucial role in maintaining vascular health, adding to the life-lengthening potential of the vitamin.


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