Insight: Why Do Vitamin Sprays Work Better Than Pills?

Insight: Why Do Vitamin Sprays Work Better Than Pills?

People do a lot of things in the name of good health― following a strict diet, avoiding toxins & pollutants, and taking super-sized supplements. Contrary to popular belief, the latter is not as effective as many were told.


It’s because your body only absorbs 10-15% of pills. This is extremely low, given that most people take their vitamins in pill form.


But do vitamin sprays really work better than pills? Spoiler alert: They do.


Here are the reasons why Dr. Spray’s vitamin sprays work better than pills:


Vitamin sprays are more bioavailable than pills. 

Vitamins can be delivered to the human body in several ways including pills, capsules, injections, patches, and ready-to-drink formulas. However, none of them do a better job than vitamin sprays.


In fact, the body only absorbs 80% of injections, 50% of patches, 10 to 15% of pills, 50% of patches, and 55% of ready-to-drink formulas. They're not even close to the absorption level of Dr. Spray’s vitamin sprays, which is 90 to 95%.


Vitamin sprays have a higher potency than pills.

A vitamin spray goes through a buccal route. It then gets absorbed through the bloodstream, not the digestive system. Because of this, vitamin sprays can deliver the essential ingredients to the body in about 30 seconds. Stomach acid can’t break them down as well.


On the contrary, pills get absorbed by your body in 30 minutes or more. The slower your metabolism, the slower your body absorbs pills.


Vitamin sprays are easier to use than pills. 

Surveys show that approximately 40% of people have difficulties swallowing pills. Add to that the people who are afraid of injections (imagine having to faint each time you need vitamins).


Dr. Spray’s vitamin sprays are extremely easy to use. Simply spray them into your mouth without any discomfort caused by swallowing, being poked by needles, and drinking bitter liquid. Plus, Dr. Spray’s vitamin sprays have pleasant, refreshing flavors.


Vitamin sprays are safer than pills. 

Dr. Spray’s vitamin sprays are made of natural ingredients. Since they are water-based, they do not have wax, fillers, and binders, which pills and capsules do.


On top of that, Dr. Spray’s vitamin sprays are organic, non-GMO, and free from gluten & allergens. This means that our vitamin sprays cannot cause issues like allergies.


Vitamin sprays are more convenient to use than pills. 

Pills have to be taken at specific times of the day. This can be annoying, especially if you often forget things. Pills can’t be swallowed without water, too.


Because of this, vitamin sprays are again better than pills. It's because they are more convenient. Dr. Spray’s vitamin sprays come in small bottles, which you can carry wherever you go.


Plus, you don’t have to use vitamin sprays on a strict schedule. Just imagine watching your favorite movie at home and suddenly remembering that you have to take your vitamins. Simply reach for your vitamin spray and you’re good to go.



Your body does not absorb pills as much as you’re made to believe. This is where vitamin sprays come in. Thanks to vitamin sprays, you can now better ingest their daily dose of vitamins.

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