We believe that using oral spray nutritional supplements is simply superior to taking pills or capsules. Very few of us enjoy swallowing pills, and many are not physically able to. The oral spray delivery system is a convenient, pleasant-tasting alternative.

Dr. Spray’s® products are packaged in aluminum tubes. The interior of the tube is lined with a coating to ensure that the liquid vitamins do not come into direct contact with the aluminum of the can.

EachDr. Spray’s® product is an oral spray nutritional supplement. To use the product:

  1. Gently shake the tube.
  2. Spray into the mouth preferably onto the inside of the cheeks, hold in the mouth and then swallow.
  3. Spray a total of 8 sprays per day to receive the recommended dose as indicated on the label.

Dr. Spray’s® products should be stored at room temperature in an upright position.

Yes, there are no animal products or ingredients derived from animals in our products.

Each tube (vial) contains a one-month (30 day) supply when used as suggested (8 sprays per day).

At Dr. Spray’s® we use no artificial flavors or colors, and no starch, wheat, soy, gluten, eggs, salt, or dairy.

Dr. Spray’s® products are flavored with natural fruits and mints. The products are sweetened with either xylitol or steviol glycosides (stevia leaf extract).

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