Quality Control

SprayLabs is registered with the FDA cGMP certified by a third-party auditor.

You can have complete confidence in the high quality of the Dr. Spray’s products, as we go above and beyond: 

  • We have been registered with the FDA since opening our doors 11 years ago.
  • We follow all FDA / GMP (Good Manufacturing Procedures) guidelines to ensure the quality and purity of all our products.
  • We source the highest quality raw materials from pre-vetted vendors.
  • All raw materials are then sent for testing and analysis prior to being used.
  • We formulate and manufacture all our products in house (no outsourcing) thereby keeping complete control over every step of the process.
  • Products are manufactured in small and frequent batches to ensure the highest, hands-on quality control and freshness.
  • We take great care with the formulations and methods of manufacturing our products to ensure the highest efficacy of each individual ingredient (no pasteurization or irradiation).
  • All finished products are tested and analyzed before release for sale.

We are GMP certified by SGS, which is an internationally recognized, third party authentication entity that certifies the safety and quality of processes and practices employed for food and dietary supplements manufacturing, packaging and distribution. The SGS certification mark is a sign of excellence and is known in industry circles around the world.